Published November 29, 2021

Veteran Finds Hope After Homelessness & a Dream to Serve Others is Magnified

David Mayfield is a man with dreams. If you met him today, you would meet someone who sees the world through the lens of opportunity—a man who lives his life to serve others. And now thanks to The Global Leadership Summit, David has found a network of leaders who are also passionate about making an impact, and he’s been challenged to dream bigger.

But his dreams have certainly not always felt attainable.

Becoming homeless was everything but the heroic welcome home I expected.

After serving in the military, he was honorably discharged. Yet rather than feel celebrated for his service, David was left homeless, living in his car. On a path of great hardship, David felt hopeless. “In my darkest hour, I became homeless,” said David. “I thought my life was over. I faced many complex challenges after I received an honorary discharge from the Navy. Serving my country during 9/11 gave me the inclination that life was going to be handed to me. I imagined people would celebrate me, cheer for my accomplishments, and perceive me as a hero. Much to my surprise, I fell into misfortune, heartache, and difficulty. Becoming homeless was everything but the heroic welcome home I expected.”

God did not give up on David.

In the midst of years of trauma, while living in his car, he met a pastor named Dr. Phil Lucas, and through their relationship God intervened in David’s life. “I don’t know where I would be if it weren’t for God,” said David. “In one of the toughest moments in my life, the hand of God moved through my despair. I never expected to see God move in me in such a way. He wiped away all the tears, restored my faith and gave me renewed hope.”

My life reflects His wonders.

Through the support of the church and counseling, today David has not one but two college degrees, has met and married his soulmate, has a job with the Department of Defense, and is pursuing his dreams to write a novel as well as a video game, both of which he hopes will support people facing adversity. “My life reflects His wonders,” said David. “I would never have expected to find shelter, graduate from college, get born again in Christ, build a relationship with pastors that cared about teaching me the word of God, participate in an outreach that would feed the homeless, work for the Department of Defense, get married to my soulmate and together build the home of our dreams. I never expected to be here, let alone to survive.”

Empowered by The Global Leadership Summit to Dream Bigger

As David pursues his dream of writing a novel and creating a video game, he has been encouraged by The Global Leadership Summit to pursue his dreams in an even bigger way. “The Summit helped me see that anything is possible. Pursuing my dreams is an amazing journey.”

“My dream for my life today is to influence people by assisting them in establishing healthy relationships and marriages and by giving them the confidence to never give up on God,” David explained. “I dream to live a life of influence by empowering others to fight through the adversities we find within ourselves.”

David’s passion project includes his graphic novel Sleeping on Warm Foyers, which is a story about being homeless, going through adverse situations and trusting God. “To see this novel get published would be a dream come true,” said David. “Homelessness made me a fighter and I realized I have enormous power through Christ. I’ve also been working on a video game called ‘Dodge Bully’ which promotes fighting against bullying, addiction, abuse and hatred. It’s about overcoming demons and using honor and courage to face them.”

Giving back is my calling.

David’s inspiration to help others comes from the realization that he wouldn’t be where he is today without the support of people like pastor Phil, the church and those who believed in him. “Giving back is my calling and I intend to use the insight, zest and faith God has blessed me with to be a vessel on Earth,” said David. “I realize the responsibility I have to share God’s love with the world and I believe my novel and video game give me an avenue to do just that. If my story can provide courage and comfort to just one struggling person, my dream would be fulfilled.”

David welcomes you to attend the Summit to be encouraged in your vision.

“I’m excited about The Global Leadership Summit because it helps me realize that there are change agents in the world who seek to be radically generous the same way I do,” said David. “Through the Summit, I’ve been encouraged to build my network and continue to strive to impact change!

“I encourage people to attend the Summit to be inspired—just listening to the stories that have changed people and others can change someone’s world. Hearing words of wisdom are the perfect dose of medicine to give someone hope to walk in the power of their imagination.”

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